Accessing Education

One of our priority areas of work this year is making your learning more accessible, working with the university to utilise digital innovations within teaching and learning in order to help students fully access and engage with their studies.

This has the potential to enhance the learning of all students, but would particularly impact those who can already find it difficult to get the most out of lectures; those who might find it more difficult to focus or take notes, and students who are unable to always be physically present on campus due to long commutes or other responsibilities.

As part of this work, we are also looking at how to help students to engage in beneficial opportunities alongside their studies.


What are the aims?

A particular focus of this campaign is lecture capture - the recording of lectures to be shared afterwards online. Lecture capture already takes place on some programmes (where the necessary audio-visual equipment exists), but we want every department to look at how they can support learning through digital resources - whether lecture capture or another suitable method.

MDXSU are also working with the university to keep Wednesday afternoons free from timetabled lessons, so that students are able to use this time to develop their skills or pursue interests outside of their course, as happens at many other universities. Find out more about the KWAF campaign here.


How can I get involved?

We recognise that each programme will provide different resources for their students, and that all students have different needs. To help us understand what you would find most helpful, we would love to hear about your experience - do your lecturers provide lecture capture? Do you find this helpful? What resources are currently made available online prior to and following lectures, seminars and workshops? Click here to complete the survey online.

We are also looking for feedback from students regarding the impact of Wednesday afternoon timetabling.